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Study Room Policies

For locations and further information, please see the Map of Group Study Rooms (PDF).

Only current CSUSB students, faculty, and staff may reserve study rooms, carrels, or collaboration rooms.

Only groups of 2 or more may reserve or use Group Study Rooms. 

Individual study carrels are for 1 person only.

Reservations are made online in 1 to 2 hour time blocks. Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours per day or 4 hours per week, per type of room.

Any individual occupying a Group Study Room must vacate it if a group arrives. An individual cannot "hold" a room for a group arriving later.

Two rooms are designated "Multi-Group Study Rooms," with several tables and whiteboards to accommodate more than one group. Groups must be willing to share these rooms with others so long as a table is unoccupied.

If you are using a reservable room, make sure you have a reservation! Any group without a reservation must vacate the room if a group with a reservation arrives. We encourage you to bring a copy of your final confirmation email as proof of your reservation.

If your group does not occupy the room within 10 minutes of your reservation start time (based on the clock behind the Check-Out Desk) you forfeit your reservation, and another group may use the room.

Rooms may not be used for commercial activity, fundraising, sales, or distribution or solicitation of materials, goods, or services.

If your campus-sponsored organization needs a meeting room/event space, please do not use group study rooms! Contact Library Administration (909 537 5102) or Student Union Room Scheduling for information about other room options.

Study rooms are not sound-proof and have windows near their doors. Groups creating excessive noise or engaging in inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave.

Anyone with a repeated pattern of disruptions may have their reservation privileges revoked at the library's discretion.

The library reserves the right to enter any study room at any time.  

Do not leave valuables unattended. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.

Please leave group study rooms clean for the next group.